Mathematical validation of the Peierls--Nabarro model for edge dislocations

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In this paper, we perform mathematical validation of the Peierls--Nabarro (PN) models, which are multiscale models of dislocations that incorporate the detailed dislocation core structure. We focus on the static and dynamic PN models of an edge dislocation. In a PN model, the total energy includes the elastic energy in the two half-space continua and a nonlinear potential energy across the slip plane, which is always infinite. We rigorously establish the relationship between the PN model in the full space and the reduced problem on the slip plane in terms of both governing equations and energy variations. The shear displacement jump is determined only by the reduced problem on the slip plane while the displacement fields in the two half spaces are determined by linear elasticity. We establish the existence and sharp regularities of classical solutions in Hilbert space. For both the reduced problem and the full PN model, we prove that a static solution is a global minimizer in perturbed sense. We also show that there is a unique classical, global in time solution of the dynamic PN model.

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  • Gao, Y; Liu, J-G; Luo, T; Xiang, Y