Optimization-based quasi-uniform spherical t-design and generalized multitaper for complex physiological time series

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Motivated by the demand to analyze complex physiological time series, we provide a quasi-uniform spherical $t$-design for any dimensional sphere based on an optimization approach. The design is generalized to achieve a quasi-uniform spherical $(k,l)$-design for complex sphere of arbitrary dimension. The real and complex designs are applied to construct a generalized multitaper scheme for the nonlinear-type time-frequency analysis, particularly the concentration of frequency and time (ConceFT), which we coin the QU-ConceFT. The proposed QU-ConceFT is applied to visualize the spindle structure in the electroencephalogram signal during the N2 sleep stage.

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  • Sourisseau, M; Wang, YG; Wu, H-T; Yu, W-H