A game of alignment:collective behavior of multi-species

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We study the (hydro-)dynamics of multi-species driven by alignment. What distinguishes the different species is the protocol of their interaction with the rest of the crowd: the collective motion is described by different communication kernels, $\phi_{\alpha\beta}$, between the crowds in species α and β. We show that flocking of the overall crowd emerges provided the communication array between species forms a connected graph. In particular, the crowd within each species need not interact with its own kind, i.e., $\phi_{\alpha\alpha}=0; different species which are engaged in such `game' of alignment require a connecting path for propagation of information which will lead to the flocking of overall crowd. The same methodology applies to multi-species aggregation dynamics governed by first-order alignment: connectivity implies concentration around an emerging consensus.

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  • He, S; Tadmor, E

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  • A Game of Alignment:Collective Behavior of Multi Species