Robustness testing and scalability of phosphate regulated promoters useful for two-stage autoinduction in E. coli


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A key challenge in synthetic biology is the successful utilization of characterized parts, such as promoters, in different biological contexts. We report the robustness testing of a small library of E. coli PhoB regulated promoters that enable heterologous protein production in two-stage cultures. Expression levels were measured both in a rich Autoinduction Broth as well as a minimal mineral salts media. Media dependent differences were promoter dependent. 4 out of 16 promoters tested were identified to have tightly controlled expression which was also robust to media formulation. Improved promoter robustness led to more predictable scale up and consistent expression in instrumented bioreactors. This subset of PhoB activated promoters, useful for two-stage autoinduction, highlight the impact of the environment on the performance of biological parts, and the importance of robustness testing in synthetic biology.

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  • Moreb, E; Ye, Z; Efromson, J; Hennigan, J; Menacho-Melgar, R; Lynch, M

Published Date

  • January 26, 2020

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  • PPR:PPR110368

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  • 10.1101/2020.01.26.920280