An analysis of AIDS related knowledge and behaviors among women living in poverty

Theses and Dissertations

The purpose of the study was to examine HIV/AIDS related knowledge of women living in poverty. A secondary analysis was preformed on data from an earlier study of homeless and domiciled children and their mothers. Data collected from 116 women (74 African-American, 42 Caucasian), using The AIDS Knowledge Interview Guide, was used for analysis. Comparisons were made between levels of HIV/AIDS related knowledge for African-American and Caucasian women, Homeless and Domiciled women, and Women reporting zero sex partners in six months and women with multiple sex partners in six months. Chi-square revealed little significant difference in knowledge levels between groups. A finding of clinical significance suggests that there may be a relationship between HIV/AIDS knowledge and the number of sexual partners one has.

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  • Brion, J

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Published Date

  • January 4, 1993

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  • Ohio State University