Inbetweening auto-animation via Fokker-Planck dynamics and thresholding

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We propose an equilibrium-driven deformation algorithm (EDDA) to simulate the inbetweening transformations starting from an initial image to an equilibrium image, which covers images varying from a greyscale type to a colorful type on plane or manifold. The algorithm is based on Fokker-Planck dynamics on manifold, which automatically cooperates positivity, unconditional stability, mass conservation law, exponentially convergence and also the manifold structure suggested by dataset. The thresholding scheme is adapted for the sharp interface dynamics and is used to achieve the finite time convergence. Using EDDA, three challenging examples, (I) facial aging process, (II) coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) invading/treatment process, and (III) continental evolution process are conducted efficiently.

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  • Gao, Y; Jin, G; Liu, J-G