Hidden Inverses: Coherent Error Cancellation at the Circuit Level

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Coherent gate errors are a concern in many proposed quantum computing architectures. These errors can be effectively handled through composite pulse sequences for single-qubit gates, however, such techniques are less feasible for entangling operations. In this work, we benchmark our coherent errors by comparing the actual performance of composite single-qubit gates to the predicted performance based on characterization of individual single-qubit rotations. We then propose a compilation technique, which we refer to as hidden inverses, that creates circuits robust to these coherent errors. We present experimental data showing that these circuits suppress both overrotation and phase misalignment errors in our trapped ion system.

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  • Zhang, B; Majumder, S; Leung, PH; Crain, S; Wang, Y; Fang, C; Debroy, DM; Kim, J; Brown, KR