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Density functional theory offers accurate structure prediction at acceptable computational cost, but commonly used approximations suffer from delocalization error; this results in inaccurate predictions of quantities such as energy band gaps of finite and bulk systems, energy level alignments, and electron distributions at interfaces. The localized orbital scaling correction (LOSC) was developed to correct delocalization error by using orbitals localized in space and energy. These localized orbitals span both the occupied and unoccupied spaces and can have fractional occupations in order to correct both the total energy and the one-electron energy eigenvalues. We extend the LOSC method to periodic systems, in which the localized orbitals employed are dually localized Wannier functions. In light of the effect of the bulk environment on the electrostatic interaction between localized orbitals, we modify the LOSC energy correction to include a screened Coulomb kernel. For a test set of semiconductors and large-gap insulators, we show that the screened LOSC method consistently improves the band gap compared to the parent density functional approximation.

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  • Mahler, A; Yang, W; Su, N; Williams, JZ

Published Date

  • July 12, 2022

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  • 10.7924/r4s75hv98