{Limits on the Production of Narrow $t\bar{t}$ Resonances in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeV}

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We search for evidence of resonant top quark pair production in 955 pb-1 of $p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeV recorded with the CDF II detector at the Fermilab Tevatron. For fully reconstructed candidate $t\bar{t}$ events triggered on leptons with large transverse momentum and containing at least one identified b-quark jet, we compare the invariant mass spectrum of $t\bar{t}$ pairs to the expected superposition of standard model $t\bar{t}$, non-$t\bar{t}$ backgrounds, and a simple resonance model based on a sequential Z[prime] boson. We establish upper limits for sigma($p\bar{p}$-->Z[prime])·Br(Z[prime]-->$t\bar{t}$) in the Z[prime] mass interval from 450 GeV/c2 to 900 GeV/c2. A topcolor leptophobic Z[prime] is ruled out below 720 GeV/c2, and the cross section of any narrow Z[prime]-like state decaying to $t\bar{t}$ is found to be less than 0.64 pb at 95% C.L. for MZ[prime] above 700 GeV/c2.

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  • Aaltonen, ; T, ; others,

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  • 2008

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  • Phys. Rev.

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  • D77 /

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