Surfactant templated mesoporous hybrid thin films

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Organic/inorganic hybrid mesoporous films exhibiting ordered mesophases were prepared by a simple dip-coating procedure. Beginning with a homogeneous solution of tetraethoxysilane, organoalkoxysilane (R′Si(OR)3, R′ is a non-hydrolyzable functional ligand) surfactant, we relied on solvent evaporation to induce micellization and continuous self-assembly into hybrid silica-surfactant thin film mesophases. Surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based nitrogen sorption measurements indicate that the films have high surface areas and unimodal pore diameters after removal of surfactants.

Cited Authors

  • Fan, HY; Lu, Y; Assink, RA; Lopez, GP; Brinker, CJ

Published Date

  • 2000

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  • Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings

Volume / Issue

  • 628 /

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