Population biology of the rare copper moss, Scopelophila cataractae

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In Scopelophila cataractae (Pottiaceae) only the haploid gametophyte generation exists in the USA, although sporophytes occur in tropical America and in Asia. Over 50% of US plants in every population were devoid of gametangia, and no population contained plants with both male and female gametangia. Morphological differences between plants from putative male and female populations suggested gametophytic sexual dimorphism, but generalized sexual differences were not maintained under common garden conditions. Growth on soils with low, moderate, or high concentrations of metals demonstrated extensive morphological variability, and thus genetic polymorphism, among five asexual populations. Morphological traits were also significnatly plastic in response to differing soil types. All populations produced higher cover area and individual plants formed larger leaves on the most highly metal-contaminated soil. -from Author

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  • Shaw, AJ

Published Date

  • 1993

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  • American Journal of Botany

Volume / Issue

  • 80 / 9

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  • 1034 - 1041