Syntheses, X-ray crystal structures, and fluxional behavior of the clusters Cp*3 Co32 CO)(μ3 -CO)(μ-H)2 , Cp*3 Co32 -H) (μ32 -HC=NCMe3 ), and Cp*3 Co32 -H)

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Cp*3Co3(μ2-H)3(μ3-H) (1) reacts with 2 equiv of CO to form the 48-electron dicarbonyldihydride cluster Cp*3Co3(μ2-CO)(μ3-CO)(μ-H) (2), which was studied by X-ray crystallography. 2 consists of an equilaterial triangle of cobalt atoms capped on each face by a μ-CO ligand. Line-shape analyis of the CO regionin the variable temperature 3C NMR of 2 allowed the barrier of interconversion of the μ2- and μ3-CO ligands to be measured.

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  • Casey, CP; Widenhoefer, RA; Hallenbeck, SL; Hayashi, RK; Gavney, JA

Published Date

  • 1994

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  • Organometallics

Volume / Issue

  • 13 / 12

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  • 4720 - 4731