Co-Author/Co-PI. U.S. Department of Education Federal Grant Proposal. January 2011


Cross-Institutional Collaboration ; Collaborated on a federal grant proposal with William Darity, Director, The Research Network on Racial and Ethnic Equality and Professor of PPS, Economics, and AAS and Margaret Evans Gayle, Research Fellow, The Research Network. Project goals: 1) To support effective educator development from pre-service through career teaching by engaging stakeholders from colleges/university-departments and schools of education, school districts and other professionals in a study of the three absolute priorities and two competitive priorities outlined in the grant application. 2) To develop and institute a continuum of training for K-12 teachers, beginning in pre-service teacher education programs and ongoing throughout their teaching career. The absolute and competitive priorities will provide the outcomes through the research and model practices that will lead to recommendations of professional training programs and resources to support teachers at specific career levels: Pre-service; Initially Certified/First Years of Teaching (Years 1-3); Mid-Career (Years 4-9); and Career (Years 10 plus).

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  • Riggsbee, Jan  Professor of the Practice of the Program in Educaton


  • Co-Author/Co-PI


  • January 2011

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  • U.S. Department of Education Federal Grant Proposal