Faculty Director of new DukeEngage Domestic Program. DukeEngage in Bennettsville, SC. January 2011


Cross-Institutional Collaboration ; Approved and funded in 2011 by the Duke Endowment and scheduled to begin in Summer 2012, the DUKEENGAGE IN BENNETTSVILLE Program represents a partnership between CDF Freedom Schools and DukeEngage. The CDF Freedom Schools program provides high quality summer learning for students in grades K through 12 through a research based and multicultural curriculum that supports children and families around five essential components: (1) high quality academic enrichment, (2) parent and family involvement, (3) civic engagement and social action, (4) intergenerational leadership development, and (5) nutrition – mental and physical health. Partners: Duke: Jan Riggsbee, Faculty Director; Children's Defense Fund: Jeanne Middleton-Hairston, National Director CDF Freedom Schools; Eric Tremayne Mayes, National Deputy Director, CDF Freedom Schools, and Robin Sally, Director Marlboro County Children’s Defense Fund South Carolina Office and Senior Curriculum Manager, CDF Freedom Schools

Service Performed By

  • Riggsbee, Jan  Professor of the Practice of the Program in Educaton


  • Faculty Director of new DukeEngage Domestic Program


  • January 2011

Host Organization

  • DukeEngage in Bennettsville, SC