Organizer and Presenter at Duke University (along with Andriy Badin). Dark Matter Awareness Week. December 6, 2010

Event/Organization Administration

Conferences Organized ; This conference was organized by an international committee of astrophysicists to advertise the known astronomical data about dark matter in galaxies. They put together a base presentation which they then sent to 150 or so universities to be presented the same week. I was asked to present at Duke because of my recent paper in this area, and then I asked Andriy Badin from physics to help present. I am sure most of the other presenters were astrophysicists and astronomers, but the exercise was a great one for me to master the material in time for the talk. Andriy and I also added our own material to the presentation, which was about an hour and forty-five minutes.

Service Performed By


  • Organizer and Presenter at Duke University (along with Andriy Badin)


  • December 6, 2010

Service or Event Name

  • Dark Matter Awareness Week

Location or Venue

  • Duke University and 150 other locations around the world