reviewer. Scholarly consulting. January 28, 2009


Scholarly consulting ; I have been asked to assist with editing the publication Annual Editions that publishes an edited collection of articles on topics in education. Annual Editions is a widely adopted text in colleges and universities. This work involves reading articles that are under consideration for inclusion in Annual Editions and working with the editor to make decisions about the next year’s publication. I am listed in the publication as a member of the editorial board. Citations of previously published work: References in journal articles have begun to appear to an article I co-authored in 2004 (Jones, B., & Stallings, T., Malone, D Prospective Teachers as Tutors: Measuring the Impact of a Service Learning Program on Upper Elementary Students. Teacher Education Quarterly (Volume 31, Number 3). These references typically focus on our assertion that it is more difficult to demonstrate achievement gains in reading among tutored upper elementary students than it is among tutored children in grades K-2 and that assertions about effective tutoring programs should take into consideration and account for interactions with grade level.

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  • January 28, 2009

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  • Scholarly consulting