The HipHop Review. 2011

Editorial Activities

Editorial Boards ; The HipHop Review is a new journal that I have been asked to co-edit with Marcyliena Morgan (Harvard), and Glenda Carpio (Harvard) under the auspices of the WEB DuBois Institute at Harvard University. The new journal us directly related to the Hip-Hop Archive at Harvard, which is directed by Professor Morgan. The editorial board on The HipHop review includes Lawrence Bobo (Harvard University | Sociology), Cathy Cohen Univ. Chicago | Political Science), Harry Elam (Stanford University | Theater), Henry Louis Gates Jr. (Harvard University | University Professor), Melissa Harris-Perry (Tulane | Political Science), Vijay Prashad (Trinity College | History), Tracey Sharpley-Whiting (Vanderbilt University | French, African American and Diaspora Studies), Valerie Smith (Princeton | English, African-American Studies), Imani Perry (Princeton | African American Studies) and Vincent Brown (Duke University | History). In terms of visibility, institutional support, its interdisciplinary focus and the prestige of the editorial board, The HipHop Review will be the first of its kind.

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  • The HipHop Review


  • 2011

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  • The Du Bois Institute | Harvard University