consultant. Other Supervisory Consultations. 2009 - 2010


Other Supervisory Consultations ; Faculty advisor and curriculum developer for student-run organization, ChangEducate. ChangEducate is a Discover Worlds program aimed at helping change the way high school students view poverty and how they can make a difference in it. The curriculum consists of 5 lessons. Lesson 1 introduces students to the topic of poverty by challenging them to associate a set of images with their individual conceptions of poverty. Lesson 2 explores the underlying causes of poverty ranging from historical factors such as colonialism to current factors such as trading inequalities and geography. Lesson 3 focuses on the sheer scale of poverty in the world. Lessons 4 and 5 show students how they could make a difference in their world.

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  • consultant


  • 2009 - 2010

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  • Other Supervisory Consultations