Gynecology Medical Director. CAARE Inc. same. 2008 - 2017


Developed Gyn prevention clinic at CAARE, Inc, a local community non- profit service organization in Durham. I was the women's health clinic director, as well supervisor and mentor to second year Duke medical students and Duke nurse practitioner students, who rotated through the clinic, and under my guidance served as the primary care takers for the uninsured and underinsured clinic patients. We developed breast and cervical cancer screening protocols, relationships with Duke Radiology for breast screening in high risk women, and a collaboration with the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention ( BCCP) program in Durham. This national program, organized through the CDC and run through the Durham Health Department, works to provide prevention services as well as coverage for cancer treatment services to women who have their cancer diagnosed while enrolled in the program. The CAARE Gyn clinic became a BCCP certified clinic, allowing us to enroll the women we served into this program.

Service Performed By


  • Gynecology Medical Director


  • 2008 - 2017

Service or Event Name

  • CAARE Inc

Host Organization

  • same

Location or Venue

  • Durham, NC