Gynecology advisor. NC BCCCP Medical Advisory Committee . 2019 - 2022

Committee Service

CDC expects grantees to actively solicit and incorporate medical advice from a group of medical advisors in the area of breast and cervical cancer. This group also can assist grantees by approving practice guidelines and providing oversight for the quality of the services delivered. Grantees should consult with providers who have appropriate experience and expertise with the processes of screening, diagnosis, and initiation of treatment. Since many providers work together to offer a complete referral network for screening and diagnostic services, it is optimal for grantees to convene a multidisciplinary team composed of members who can each bring insight, evidence, and experience from his or her unique perspectives and involvement with clients. The potential functions of the medical advisors will vary, depending on program priorities and resources, but they may include the following: • Approve practice guidelines for screening and diagnostic services—This function, mandated by CDC, ensures that regional peers and colleagues familiar with the provider networks establish practice guidelines that are consistent with CDC’s requirements, yet adapted to regional standards and resources. Protocols should be reviewed periodically to ensure that they remain current with evidence-basis, as well as meet CDC requirements. • Provide clinical consultation—Although programs have established general clinical guidelines, appropriate exceptions to the guidelines should be considered. A program should rely on its medical advisory board to provide clinical consultation and advice in problematic or unforeseen circumstances. • Provide professional development recommendations—Medical advisory boards are in a key position to identify professional development strategies that address concerns related to quality, and they also have insights about the professional development design and method that most suit their colleagues.

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  • Gynecology advisor


  • 2019 - 2022

Host Organization

  • NC BCCCP Medical Advisory Committee

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  • Raleigh, NC