Main organiser. An Invitation to Geometry and Topology via G2. London Mathematical Society/Clay Mathematics Institute. July 7, 2014 - July 11, 2014

Event/Organization Administration

This is a research school aimed at beginning PhD student in geometry and topology. The aim of the research school will be to give a thorough introduction to G2 geometry, starting from fundamental material and progressing through to recent breakthroughs and current research in which the UK plays a leading role. The school will also introduce participants to topics of broader interest in algebra (e.g. representation theory), analysis (e.g. elliptic regularity), geometry (e.g. holonomy) and topology (e.g. characteristic classes). The course will also indicate some connections beyond mathematics to contemporary theoretical physics (M-theory)

Service Performed By


  • Main organiser


  • July 7, 2014 - July 11, 2014

Service or Event Name

  • An Invitation to Geometry and Topology via G2

Host Organization

  • London Mathematical Society/Clay Mathematics Institute

Location or Venue

  • Imperial College London