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About This Topic The idea of immunological tolerance was developed from seminal works by Ray Owen, Sir F. MacFarlane Burnet, and Sir Peter Medawar in the mid-20th century. These findings drove transplantation research to identify mechanisms of immune tolerance. However, despite partial success, it was unable to stably induce tolerance in immunocompetent recipients. In the special issue, “Multiple Aspects of Transplant Tolerance”, we will provide a forum for presenting mechanisms, strategies, and challenges for promoting tolerance in transplantation. This will include description of cell populations plays a crucial role in tolerance as well as cell-based approaches (Treg, Mreg, DCreg, CD8 Treg, Tr1, and not excluding BM, apoptotic cell-based strategies), identification/validation of clinical tolerance strategy and biomarkers. Finally, we will also cover B cell immunobiology in transplantation and strategies for B cell and plasma cell tolerance. The special issue will also be open to any author, but mainly invited by guest editor. Each submission will be reviewed by at least two reviewers to ensure a very high quality of papers selected for the Special Issue.

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