Organizer. Curriculum Innovations. December 16, 2011 - December 16, 2011

Curriculum Innovations

Curriculum Innovations ; ARTSVIS 134: Digital Printmaking This new course explores the parallels between the use of layering in the fine art silkscreen process and digital imaging. The technical base for this class was constructed from my own investigation and research of the combination of these digital image making methods with photo-silkscreen, which through my own practice was refined and developed into this course. Students used their digital imaging skills in combination with traditional art making processes to create photo-silkscreens by layering their drawn images and photographs in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Throughout the semester they developed a series of five prints based on a chosen theme combining references to the concepts of time, place, text, context and comparison to further inform the viewer and show the intent of their imagery. Through further development of their images by the addition of color, conceptual references and print states, works created in the class explored the combination of traditional and digital practices with the student's individual aesthetics. This course took full advantage of multiple facilities found in Smith Warehouse, including 228 Media Lab and 125 Printmaking studio, using the updated equipments and revised studio configurations made in Fall 2009.

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  • Shatzman, Merrill  Professor of the Practice Emeritus of Art, Art History & Visual Studies


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  • December 16, 2011

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  • Curriculum Innovations