Acting Coordinator of Portuguese. Minor in Luso-Brazilian Studies, Dept. of Romance Studies. December 14, 2009 - December 14, 2009


Other ; Defines Portuguese Department courses instructional objectives and requirements. Constantly evaluates aspects of the Portuguese courses to improve the effectiveness of the department. Devises a Portuguese language curriculum easy to implement. Provides good quality instruction by maintaining high standards, have well defined objectives, and systematic and consistent placement and advancement of students. Researches, reviews, and selects, didactic materials and technology according to their relationship to the program, the needs of the students, the type of techniques and exercises they offer, their overall physical quality, price, number of auxiliary parts, and teachability.

Service Performed By


  • Acting Coordinator of Portuguese


  • December 14, 2009

Service or Event Name

  • Minor in Luso-Brazilian Studies, Dept. of Romance Studies