Administrative Responsibilities in the Program in Education. January 28, 2009 - January 28, 2009


Administrative Responsibilities ; Administrative Responsibilities in the Program in Education I serve as Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Program in Education. This administrative position has a well-defined set of responsibilities that are outlined in the DUS Handbook at In brief, duties include coordinating oversight of: the quality and scope of undergraduate courses within the Program in Education, the structure and content of the undergraduate initiatives within the Program, and the courses, course scheduling, and academic procedures. In meeting this charge the DUS serves as a link between the Program in Education and its undergraduate students, and also as an essential administrative link between Trinity College and the faculty. Because of these responsibilities the DUS must be well informed of the degree requirements and academic regulations of Trinity College, of the Program in Education, and of other programs throughout the University. The DUSs meet as a faculty group with the Dean of Trinity College and with the academic deans several times during the academic year to discuss academic issues. They also communicate with other DUSs through the listserv maintained by the College. In 2009, one aspect of my work as DUS involved working with other Education faculty members to implement our newly-approved Minor in Education. This work involved developing informational materials, making public appearances at student information sessions and career fairs, and designing mechanisms for keeping records on who applies for the minor and how each student is progressing in meeting the course requirements if the minor. In 2009 I lead the effort to plan and offer a series of activities for Education minors to participate in such a semester long film festival and a visit by a nationally known scholar in service learning. Other administrative duties also include serving as director of the Partners for Success Tutoring Program (PFS is described above). Since PFS is a part of the Duke Teacher Preparation Program, part of my administrative responsibility involves coordinating the activities of PFS with the accreditation requirements for teacher preparation. As director of PFS, I submit an extensive IRB proposal to the Duke review board each fall. I also prepare an annual report for the Duke Endowment that is the primary funding source for PFS. I also need to work closely with Duke’s Office of Community Affairs to coordinate the work of PFS which is one several tutoring programs on campus.

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  • Administrative Responsibilities in the Program in Education


  • January 28, 2009