Service to University. January 28, 2009 - January 28, 2009


Service to University ; In terms of service to the University, in 2009 I continued to serve as the Social Sciences representative on the Executive Committee of the Arts and Sciences Council (ECASC). ECASC is the steering committee for the undergraduate faculty council. My ECASC work involves serving as liaison to the Arts and Sciences Course Committee and working closely with the Dean of Arts and Sciences (George McLendon) and the Dean of Academic Affairs (Lee Baker) on issues of concern to faculty and students. During the spring semester of 2009 I continued to serve in the role of Faculty Director of the Duke University Service Learning Program which is housed in the Program in Education. I lead the effort to develop a strategic plan for increasing civic engagement and academic service experiences among Duke undergraduates. I wrote a 12 page report outlining alternative strategies for increasing service oriented courses. My work as Director of the Service Learning Program involved weekly meetings and oversight of 3 individuals who serve as OSL staff members. I gave more than a dozen presentations on service learning to Duke faculty groups and administrators. I meet with the chair and DUS tin several Arts and Sciences departments to discuss service learning. I oversaw the production of a Service Learning Program Annual Report which was widely distributed both on and off campus. Another aspect of my service to the University involves my work as a member of the Executive Committee of the Duke University Samuel DuBois Cook Society. I helped develop several initiatives and I carried major responsibility for planning the annual Cook Society Awards Dinner which was held in February 2009. I continued working with this group as we planned the 2010 Cook Dinner. I was invited by Director Duke Center for Civic Engagement to serve as an “anchor” on the Carnegie Civic Engagement Classification Committee. This committee was tasked with compiling data and writing a report as a part of an application for Duke to be designated on the national level as an Engaged Campus. This project involved several months of work and in 2009 Duke received this national award. Director Duke Center for Civic Engagement also invited me to serve on the Duke Engage Assessment Advisory Committee. This group meets a few times each semester with an external consultant who has been hired by Duke Engage to oversee program evaluation. We examine data on undergraduates who have participated in Duke Engage and make modifications to the program based on this assessment. The Provost asked me in 2009 to chair a review committee which conducted a three month long extensive review of the Director of the Duke Talent Identification Program. I conducted in person interviews of more than 25 people to collect data for this review and spoke to numerous scholars in the gifted education field in order to complete a thorough review. The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education asked me to serve on the Academic Council Committee on Undergraduate Education (ACCUE) which meets twice a month to develop strategic ideas for revitalizing undergraduate education. In 2009 I had a leadership role in developing an extensive proposal for Duke Immerse an innovative initiative aimed at creating a more intellectually engaged campus. I actively serve on several University committees and councils including: The Arts and Sciences Faculty Council which is the elected body that oversees faculty governance of Arts and Sciences; AB Duke Scholarship Advisory Committee which recruits and selects AB Duke Scholars; University United Way Duke Durham Partnership Committee; Master of Arts in Teaching Faculty Advisory Committee; Advisory Board of Duke Durham Neighborhood Partnership Initiative; and the Advisory Board of the Student U Program.

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  • January 28, 2009