Camille Lucia Bedrosian
Assistant Consulting Professor in the Department of Medicine

Our current and long-range research interests and activities
focus on identification and molecular characterization of
aberrant proliferation controls in epithelial tumors,
specifically head and neck carcinomas. Major gaps exist in our
knowledge and understanding of: 1) the genetic changes that lead
to head and neck cancers 2) the molecular events that correlate
with tumor biology; and 3) the perturbations of proliferation
controls. It seems likely that specific aspects of these
perturbations intimately influence tumor cell kinetics and
biologic behavior at the cellular level. In an effort to narrow
some of these gaps, the long-term goal of the research is to
analyze the molecular relationship among tumor suppressor
proteins. GI cyclin cell cycle regulatory proteins, and
replicative proteins in head and neck cancers. The ultimate goal
of these studies is to develop insights into the pathways
involved in aberrant cell cycle regulation in head and neck
epithelial cancers. In turn, these insights should shed light on
those parameters which can be utilized to assess treatment
responsiveness or tumor aggressiveness or treatment
responsiveness, and to target for manipulation.

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  • 87 Cambridge Pk Dr, Cambridge, MA 02140

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