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Denise Tola

Clinical Associate in the School of Nursing
School of Nursing
307 Trent Dr., Durham, NC 27710

Selected Publications

A Mixed-Methods Exploration of Competencies and Professional Development Needs Among Chief Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists.

Journal Article AANA journal · April 2024 This project sought to explore the experiences, self-perceived preparation, professional development needs, and preferred learning methods of certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) in a management role. A sample of 10 current chief CRNAs responded ... Cite

Evaluation of a Nurse-Driven Fluid Management Protocol to Improve Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients.

Journal Article Critical care nursing quarterly · July 2023 This article reports results of a nurse-driven fluid management protocol in a medical-surgical intensive care unit (ICU). Use of static measures such as central venous pressure monitoring, heart rate, blood pressure, and urine output is poor predictors of ... Full text Cite

Time-to-Task in Interval Simulated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training: A Method for Maintaining Resuscitation Skills.

Journal Article Journal of perianesthesia nursing : official journal of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses · June 2023 PurposeThe literature supports interval simulation training as a means of improving nurses' cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills. The aim of this project was to improve the time-to-task skills in single-rescuer basic life support (BLS) in an ... Full text Cite

Use of Apfel Simplified Risk Score to Guide Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Prophylaxis in Adult Patients Undergoing Same-day Surgery.

Journal Article Journal of perianesthesia nursing : official journal of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses · August 2022 PurposeThe quality improvement (QI) project implemented a postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) risk screening tool and introduced a risk-tailored prophylactic guideline to identify patients at risk for PONV and aimed to minimize PONV adverse e ... Full text Cite

Creation and Implementation of a Preoperative Malignant Hyperthermia Screening Tool.

Journal Article Journal of nursing care quality · July 2022 BackgroundMalignant hyperthermia (MH) is a potentially lethal pharmacogenetic disorder triggered by certain anesthetic agents. There is currently no standardized preoperative screening tool utilized to identify MH-susceptible individuals.Local ... Full text Cite

Increasing On-Time Starts of Neurology Procedures in Interventional Radiology

Journal Article Journal of Radiology Nursing · June 1, 2022 The first scheduled surgical or diagnostic procedure of the day sets the tone for the entire daily operating room (OR) schedule. Delayed first procedures of the day result in subsequent delays, affecting productivity, staffing, and most importantly, patien ... Full text Cite

Effect of bundle set interventions on physiologic alarms and alarm fatigue in an intensive care unit: A quality improvement project.

Journal Article Intensive & critical care nursing · December 2021 ObjectiveTo determine if the implementation of an evidence-based bundle designed to reduce the number of physiologic monitor alarms reduces alarm fatigue in intensive care nurses.DesignThis quality improvement project retrospectively revi ... Full text Cite

Creating a Cognitive Aid for Use During Intraoperative Power Failures.

Journal Article AORN journal · October 2021 An intraoperative power failure (IOPF) is a complete or partial absence of the electrical power supply with or without the availability of a backup generator system during an operative or other invasive procedure. An IOPF can be stressful for the OR team a ... Full text Cite

Basic Airway Management for the Professional Nurse.

Journal Article The Nursing clinics of North America · September 2021 The registered nurse (RN) on a medical-surgical nursing unit may be the first health care professional to encounter a patient with the signs of impending respiratory failure. Importantly, the RN must recognize the signs of respiratory compromise and posses ... Full text Cite

Maximizing Use of Social Media to Improve Member Engagement in a Professional Organization.

Journal Article AANA journal · December 2020 The North Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists recognized concerns surrounding decreased member engagement and communication. Member engagement and communication is the lifeblood of an organization and is directly related to the success of an organiz ... Cite

Preoperative Cognitive Assessment Recommendations for the Older Adult.

Journal Article Journal of perianesthesia nursing : official journal of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses · October 2020 PurposeThe purpose of this project was to identify the need for and to improve the preoperative cognitive assessment of the older adult.DesignA retrospective chart review was used to explore the incidence of postoperative delirium (PD) an ... Full text Cite

Marijuana Use in the Anesthetized Patient: History, Pharmacology, and Anesthetic Considerations.

Journal Article AANA journal · December 2019 Marijuana consumption is growing in the United States because of state legalization for recreational and medical use. However, many anesthesia practitioners are unaware of the potential adverse effects that may occur if marijuana is taken before the admini ... Cite

Ultrasound-guided fascia iliaca blocks in the emergency department.

Journal Article Geriatric nursing (New York, N.Y.) · July 2019 Each year, over 300,000 individuals aged 65 and older are hospitalized for hip fractures in the United States.1 Traditional pain management in the elderly population is difficult because of physiologic changes and comorbidities.2 Peri ... Full text Cite

Surgical Fire Safety: An Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality Improvement Project.

Journal Article AORN journal · March 2018 Surgical team members use fire risk assessment tools to determine the risk of a surgical fire occurring and facilitate communication to reduce risk. The purposes of this quality improvement project were to improve knowledge and awareness of surgical fire r ... Full text Cite

Surgical Fire Prevention at an ambulatory surgical center

Journal Article Orl-head and Neck Nursing · 2018 Cite

Surgical fire safety in a metropolitan surgery center

Thesis Dissertation · November 14, 2016 The components necessary to start a fire, including fuels, ignition sources and oxidizers are present in operating rooms. Fire risk assessments are tools used by surgical team members to rank the risk of a surgical fire occurring and to facilitate communic ... Link to item Cite

Providing safe passage: rapid sequence intubation for advanced practice nursing.

Journal Article AACN advanced critical care · July 2012 Rapid sequence intubation (RSI) is a lifesaving technique performed by advanced practice nurses when patients require endotracheal intubation but are at risk for gastric aspiration. In the acute care setting, the procedure often is indicated when criticall ... Full text Cite