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Jason Xu

Assistant Professor of Statistical Science
Statistical Science
214 Old Chemistry, Box 90251, Durham, NC 27708-0251
Old Chemistry Building Box 90251, Durham, NC 27708-0251

Selected Publications

Likelihood-Based Inference for Partially Observed Epidemics on Dynamic Networks

Journal Article Journal of the American Statistical Association · January 1, 2022 We propose a generative model and an inference scheme for epidemic processes on dynamic, adaptive contact networks. Network evolution is formulated as a link-Markovian process, which is then coupled to an individual-level stochastic susceptible-infectious- ... Full text Cite

Computational tools for assessing gene therapy under branching process models of mutation.

Journal Article Bulletin of mathematical biology · December 2021 Multitype branching processes are ideal for studying the population dynamics of stem cell populations undergoing mutation accumulation over the years following transplant. In such stochastic models, several quantities are of clinical interest as insertiona ... Full text Cite