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Kerilyn Daniel Schewel

Lecturing Fellow in the Sanford School of Public Policy
Sanford School of Public Policy

Selected Publications

Global Trends in South–South Migration

Chapter · 2024 AbstractOver one-third of all international migration is between countries of the Global South, a greater share than South–North migration in 2020. This chapter reviews global, regional, and county-level trends in South–Sou ... Full text Cite

The Aspiration to Stay: A Global Analysis

Journal Article International Migration Review · December 13, 2023 There is growing interest from both policy and academic communities in understanding why people do not migrate. This article offers the first global analysis of the aspiration to stay, defined here as the preference to stay in one's country of res ... Full text Cite

How well can we predict climate migration? A review of forecasting models

Journal Article Frontiers in Climate · January 1, 2023 Climate change will have significant impacts on all aspects of human society, including population movements. In some cases, populations will be displaced by natural disasters and sudden-onset climate events, such as tropical storms. In other cases, climat ... Full text Open Access Cite

Aspiring for Change: Ethiopian Women's Labor Migration to the Middle East

Journal Article Social Forces · June 1, 2022 This paper examines why young women in rural Ethiopia decide to migrate as domestic workers to the Middle East. Based on survey data and 84 in-depth interviews, it explores the forces shaping young women's aspirations and capabilities to migrate, challengi ... Full text Open Access Cite

Who prefers to stay? voluntary immobility among youth in Ethiopia, India, and Vietnam

Journal Article Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies · January 1, 2022 Far fewer people migrate than global disparities in wealth and well-being would lead us to predict, yet we know relatively little about why those who presumably have much to gain from migration prefer to stay in place. This article examines the motivations ... Full text Open Access Cite

Migration and development in Ethiopia: Exploring the mechanisms behind an emerging mobility transition

Journal Article Migration Studies · December 1, 2021 This article examines the impact of Ethiopia's historical development on the nature, volume, and direction of internal and international migration. We describe three important trends associated with an emerging 'mobility transition': the sedentarization of ... Full text Open Access Cite

Understanding Immobility: Moving Beyond the Mobility Bias in Migration Studies

Journal Article International Migration Review · June 1, 2020 This article suggests that there is a mobility bias in migration research: by focusing on the “drivers” of migration — the forces that lead to the initiation and perpetuation of migration flows — migration theories neglect the countervailing structural and ... Full text Open Access Cite

Formal Education and Migration Aspirations in Ethiopia.

Journal Article Population and development review · September 2018 Full text Open Access Cite

Revisiting aspiration and ability in international migration

Journal Article Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies · April 26, 2018 It is a refreshingly simple thought that migration is the combined result of two factors: the aspiration to migrate and the ability to migrate. Without having to resort to overly structural or individualistic explanations, this analytical distinction helps ... Full text Open Access Cite

Dopamine agonists and the suppression of impulsive motor actions in Parkinson disease.

Journal Article Journal of cognitive neuroscience · August 2012 The suppression of spontaneous motor impulses is an essential facet of cognitive control that is linked to frontal-BG circuitry. BG dysfunction caused by Parkinson disease (PD) disrupts the proficiency of action suppression, but how pharmacotherapy for PD ... Full text Cite