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Noah Gift

Executive in Residence in the Social Science Research Institute
Social Science Research Institute

Selected Publications

Python for DevOps: Learn Ruthlessly Effective Automation

Book · December 31, 2019 Featured Publication Much has changed in technology over the past decade. Data is hot, the cloud is ubiquitous, and many organizations need some form of automation. Throughout all these transformations, Python has become one of the most popular languages in the world. This pra ... Link to item Cite

Pragmatic AI An Introduction to Cloud-Based Machine Learning

Book · July 12, 2018 Featured Publication Master Powerful Off-the-Shelf Business Solutions for AI and Machine Learning Pragmatic AI will help you solve real-world problems with contemporary machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing tools. ... Cite

Python Essential Reference

Book · 2009 Featured Publication Presents a guide to the features and library modules of the Python programming language. ... Cite

Python for Unix and Linux System Administration

Book · December 8, 2008 Featured Publication A guide to using the Python computer language to handle a variety of tasks in both the Unix and Linux servers. ... Cite