Peter Pickl
Visiting Professor of Mathematics at Duke Kunshan University

Starting with the autumn term 2018 I will teach the foundational mathematics and integrated science courses in the undergraduate program at DKU. In the coming years, other classes on several topics of mathematics and mathematical physics will be taught.

Current Research Interests

A very old and yet timely and active field of research is the justification of macroscopic effective descriptions emerging from microscopic dynamics of many particles. Famous examples for classical systems are the Boltzmann equation and Vlasov equations of various types; for quantum systems the Hartree, or Hartree Fock as well as the Gross Pitaevskii equation. My main focus is on mean field descriptions of classical and quantum systems employing the new alpha-method for proving mean field results. In addition to the justification of the effective description we are also interested in describing physical effects in the mean field situation, for example Cherenkov radiation of fast particles entering a Bose-Einstein condensate.
In particular the classical techniques are very relevant for systems motivated by other sciences, for example biology and the social sciences.
My research is also directed towards a better understanding of the quantum field vacuum in QED, where I try to understand its effective action and behaviour as it emerges from its mathematically equivalent description of the so called Dirac sea. One focus is here on experimentally controllable effects like adiabatic pair creation and annihilation which can be described with mathematical rigor.

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