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Rachel Ann George

Lecturing Fellow in the Sanford School of Public Policy
Sanford School of Public Policy

Selected Publications

Modern slavery and adolescence: A rapid evidence review

Other GAGE: ODI · December 12, 2023 This evidence review assesses existing academic and grey literature on adolescent experiences of modern slavery in all the seven GAGE countries. We focus on all forms of modern slavery present in each country, connecting them to broader dynamics and driver ... Open Access Link to item Cite

Merging Development and Diplomacy: What Might the US Learn?

Journal Article Washington Quarterly · January 1, 2023 Full text Cite

Protection and peace in conflict-affected contexts: understanding the intersections

Report · September 12, 2021 In conflict-affected contexts, addressing people’s vulnerabilities before, during and after crises requires stronger complementarity across and between humanitarian relief, human rights, development programmes and peacebuilding. Despite several initiatives ... Open Access Link to item Cite

"Islam and UN Human Rights Treaty Ratification in the Middle East: The Impact of International Law on Diplomacy" in The Routledge History of Human Rights

Book · June 30, 2021 The Routledge History of Human Rights is an interdisciplinary collection that provides historical and global perspectives on a range of human rights themes of the past 150 years. ... Link to item Cite

Merging Aid And Diplomacy Is Trending – Will The US Follow?

Report · February 23, 2021 Around the world, a number of the world’s wealthiest countries have engaged in major exercises in self-reflection around how global policies are shaped and administered. For many years, the domains of “diplomacy” and “development” were seen to be miles apa ... Cite

Ending violence against children while addressing the global climate crisis

Report · October 12, 2020 The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include the mitigation of both climate change and violence against children. Given the links between these two problems, actions that address both will be more effective in achieving these goals. • Disaster risk red ... Open Access Link to item Cite

Coronavirus Has Exposed The Need To Reform The United Nations

Report · September 21, 2020 A global health pandemic at unprecedented scale has underscored the point that perhaps now, more than ever, the world can benefit from the coordinated, structured mechanisms global institutions promise, even if they fail to deliver the whole of their lofty ... Open Access Link to item Cite

The Impact of International Human Rights Law Ratification on Local Discourses on Rights: the Case of CEDAW in Al-Anba Reporting in Kuwait

Journal Article Human Rights Review · March 1, 2020 By most measures, the impact of international human rights law ratification in the Arab Gulf region primarily in the 1990s and 2000s has been minimal. Scholars have found little evidence of correlation between ratification of the core human rights conventi ... Full text Cite

The Arab Gulf States and the West Perceptions and Realities – Opportunities and Perils

Book · October 30, 2018 This book examines the changing image of the Arab Gulf States in the West. ... Cite