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Sara A. Sutherland

Lecturer, Univ in the Sanford School of Public Policy
Sanford School of Public Policy
Box 90312, Durham, NC 27708
256 Rubenstein Hall, Box 90312, Durham, NC 27709

Selected Publications

The Impact of Property Rights to Fish on Remote Communities in Alaska

Journal Article Land Economics · May 1, 2022 Remote communities that rely on natural resource production may be differentially affected by changes in property rights to the resource. We examine the effect on remote fishing ports of the 1995 introduction of individual fishing quotas in the Alaskan hal ... Full text Cite

San Francisco’s Water Steal

Other Milken Institute Review · January 12, 2021 Link to item Cite

The Dam Rent is Too Low

Other PERC Reports · December 16, 2020 Open Access Link to item Cite

A Guide to Municipal Water Conservation Pricing in Utah

Other Utah State University Extension Fact Sheet · January 1, 2019 Open Access Link to item Cite

Today’s Nobel Prize and North Carolina Agriculture

Other NC State Economist · October 9, 2018 Link to item Cite


Chapter · May 3, 2017 The SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Behavior explores the intersection of psychology, political science, sociology, and human behavior. ... Full text Cite

Citizen Science as an Approach for Overcoming Insufficient Monitoring and Inadequate Stakeholder Buy-in in Adaptive Management: Criteria and Evidence

Journal Article Ecosystems · April 1, 2015 Adaptive management is broadly recognized as critical for managing natural resources, yet in practice it often fails to achieve intended results for two main reasons: insufficient monitoring and inadequate stakeholder buy-in. Citizen science is gaining mom ... Full text Cite

Teaching Elasticity of Demand and Marginal Analysis Using Water Utility Pricing

Journal Article Applied Economics Teaching Resources (AETR) Cite