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Yajuan Lin

Adjunct Assistant Professor at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

Decline in plankton diversity and carbon flux with reduced sea ice extent along the Western Antarctic Peninsula.

Journal Article Nature communications · August 2021 Since the middle of the past century, the Western Antarctic Peninsula has warmed rapidly with a significant loss of sea ice but the impacts on plankton biodiversity and carbon cycling remain an open question. Here, using a 5-year dataset of eukaryotic plan ... Full text Cite

Towards Quantitative Microbiome Community Profiling Using Internal Standards.

Journal Article Applied and environmental microbiology · March 2019 An inherent issue in high-throughput rRNA gene tag sequencing microbiome surveys is that they provide compositional data in relative abundances. This often leads to spurious correlations, making the interpretation of relationships to biogeochemical rates c ... Full text Cite