Adam Booth

PhD candidate (ABD) in the Graduate Program in Religion, New Testament Track.
Roman Catholic priest, Congregation of Holy Cross .
MDiv (Notre Dame, '13); MA in Mathematics (UC-Berkeley, '08); MMath (Oxford, '04).
Blog , mainly of homilies.

I am currently working on a dissertation on First Peter, supervised by Dr. Ross Wagner. I'm picking up on recent work by Troy Martin and Alicia Myers, who argue that that letter uses maternal imagery to talk about Christ's work. My work provides a thick social history of motherhood in the first century, to unpack what work that image might be doing for the letter theologically. I also relate the maternal Christology of First Peter to Pauline use of maternal images for apostolic activity. Much of my research combines literary and social historical methodologies to address ultimately theological questions, often revolving around unpacking metaphors and investigating how authors creatively repurpose metaphors they find in the tradition.

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