Albert M. Chang
Professor of Physics

Current Research Interests

My current research interest lies in understanding 1-dimensional, correlated electronic systems, in which the interaction and coordinated behaviors between electrons give rise to unusual quantum mechanical properties.  The systems of study include 1-dimensional superconducting nanowires, and ballistic quantum wires in which the device geometry strongly influences the observed signatures in electrical resistance measurements.  In the superconducting nanowires, the objective is to probe the relationship between differing, but complementary viewpoints, in terms of Cooper pairs--a pair of electrons glued together by an induced attractive force--and and alternative view in terms of the quantum-mechanical tunneling of the phase of Cooper pairs.  If proven, this so-called Cooper-pair/quantum-phase-slip will enable a new platform for potentially powerful new devices, with application toward metrology, quantum bits (qubits) for computation, and new generation conventional supercomputers.  In the quantum wires which are not superconducting, the possibility of uncovering novel quantum electron crystal-like states of matter may lead to devices based on the electron spin.

Current Appointments & Affiliations

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