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Amelia (AP) Pittman



AP is a PhD candidate in Sociology at Duke University. Their dissertation explores how state-by-state differences in policies and programs contribute to between-state population health differences, with a particular focus on voting rights, anti-trans legislation, and abortion protections. More broadly, they are interested in studying the sociology of health: how do social structures impact health, and how can we as citizens and researchers use that knowledge to help others? AP has a Masters in Gerontological Studies from Miami University of Ohio, and has experience in qualitative and quantitative methods, with an emphasis on multilevel and mixed models. They're passionate about sociology both as an academic interest and as an avenue for helping people.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Miami University (OH)
Master of Gerontological Studies - Miami University (OH)
Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology - Duke University (NC) (in progress)

Current Appointments & Affiliations