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Research Interests

Antonio is interested in the lived experience of the ancient world and the spaces where those lives took place and interacted with others. Life in the ancient Mediterranean basin was largely organized around cities and urban centers were the contexts in which all manner of habitual behaviors and complex social negotiations took place on a daily basis. Exploring how various urban spaces shaped these interactions, whose cumulative result was the very culture in which they were embedded, energizes his research. 

Antonio's research primarily focuses on the urban spaces of Roman and pre-Roman Italy, but his interests expand into cross-cultural comparisons with urbanized societies from the bronze age to the modern period. His dissertation is on the advent of the distinction between public and private architectural space in archaic central Italy. It incorporates theoretical perspectives on state formation, spatial analysis, and cultural structuration. It also incorporates cutting-edge remote sensing technologies such as ground penetrating radar, drone-based multispectral imaging, and electrical resistivity. Finally, he is interested in experimenting with new forms of publication and public engagement, including AR and VR applications.

Fellowships, Gifts, and Supported Research

Bass Digital Education Fellowship · 2022 - 2023 Bass Foundation, Duke University
Research Fellowship · October 2022 - December 2022 Etruscan Research Foundation This international research award will facilitate the completion of a remote sensing survey at the ancient Etruscan city at Doganella, Italy. Doganella is uniquely positioned chronologically, abandoned in the early 3rd century, to provide a snapshot of pre-roman urban planning in Itlay. It also is largely free of later construction, which will allow access to nearly the full surface area of the ancient urban center unlike so many ancient cities of central Italy. This remote sensing survey will therefore provide invaluable information on this burgeoning subject.