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Cara Winter

Associate Research Professor in the Department of Biology

Selected Publications

SHR and SCR coordinate root patterning and growth early in the cell cycle.

Journal Article Nature · February 2024 Precise control of cell division is essential for proper patterning and growth during the development of multicellular organisms. Coordination of formative divisions that generate new tissue patterns with proliferative divisions that promote growth is poor ... Full text Cite

Tracking transcription factor mobility and interaction in Arabidopsis roots with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.

Journal Article eLife · June 2016 To understand complex regulatory processes in multicellular organisms, it is critical to be able to quantitatively analyze protein movement and protein-protein interactions in time and space. During Arabidopsis development, the intercellular movement of SH ... Full text Cite

Transcriptional control of tissue formation throughout root development.

Journal Article Science (New York, N.Y.) · October 2015 Tissue patterns are dynamically maintained. Continuous formation of plant tissues during postembryonic growth requires asymmetric divisions and the specification of cell lineages. We show that the BIRDs and SCARECROW regulate lineage identity, positional s ... Full text Cite

Paired-end analysis of transcription start sites in Arabidopsis reveals plant-specific promoter signatures.

Journal Article Plant Cell · July 2014 Understanding plant gene promoter architecture has long been a challenge due to the lack of relevant large-scale data sets and analysis methods. Here, we present a publicly available, large-scale transcription start site (TSS) data set in plants using a hi ... Full text Link to item Cite

A molecular framework for auxin-mediated initiation of flower primordia.

Journal Article Developmental cell · February 2013 A classical role of the hormone auxin is in the formation of flowers at the periphery of the reproductive shoot apex. Mutants in regulators of polar auxin transport or in the auxin-responsive transcription factor MONOPTEROS (MP) form naked inflorescence "p ... Full text Cite

Control of Arabidopsis root development.

Journal Article Annual review of plant biology · January 2012 The Arabidopsis root has been the subject of intense research over the past decades. This research has led to significantly improved understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying root development. Key insights into the specification of individual ce ... Full text Cite