Catherine Praxede Lavau
Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery

My long term interest has been in understanding the mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of MLL-rearranged leukemias and related HOX overexpressing leukemias. In recent years, our laboratory has focussed on leukemias caused by the CALM-AF10 fusion protein. We have found that CALM-AF10's ability to activate the transcription of HOXA genes requires the interaction with the nuclear export receptor CRM1/XPO1. CALM-AF10 interacts with CRM1 through a Nuclear Export Signal (NES) present in the CALM moiety and the integrity of the NES is critical for the binding of CALM-AF10 to the chromatin of HOXA genes. Our laboratory is currently investigating the mechanisms by which CRM1 contributes to the transcriptional activation of HOXA genes in leukemogenesis.  

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