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Selected Publications

Art in the Time of Pandemic: Elisabetta Sirani, Artistic Agency, and Capitalist Social Reproduction

Journal Article Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal · September 1, 2021 Full text Open Access Cite

Constructing the image of a cardinal-prince: Child portraits of Giovanni de' Medici by bronzino and Salviati

Journal Article Comitatus · January 1, 2019 Duke Cosimo I de' Medici commissioned portraits of his children throughout his reign (1537-1574). The majority depict his second son, Giovanni (1543-1562), and are exceptional because of the inclusion of atypical and often overlooked attributes that distin ... Full text Open Access Cite

Debating as an Authority: Tullia d’Aragona’s Authorial Self-Fashioning and the ‘Tre Corone’

Journal Article Itinerari Often celebrated as the first woman to enter the philosophical debate on the ethics of love, the sixteenth-century philosopher, poet, and cortegiana honesta Tullia d’Aragona has attracted renewed attention in the past thirty years. In her Dialogo dell’Infi ... Open Access Link to item Cite