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Program Start Year: 2017
Shinohara Laboratory

Invasive fungal infections have become a global health challenge, owing to the number of patients with HIV/AIDS and the increase use of immunosuppressive drugs during treatment of cancer and autoimmune patients. C. neoformans (Cn) is a yeast found ubiquitously in the environment that initially causes pulmonary infection as it is inhaled. Cn has a neurotropism to the central nervous system (CNS), but the role of CNS-resident cells remains unknown. My thesis work in the Shinohara Lab focuses on elucidating the role and contributions of (CNS) resident cells duringcryptococcal meningoencephalitis. My long-terms goal is to establish an independent research group and continue studying immune mechanisms in infectious diseases, providing valuable insights with the purpose of creating new therapeutics to treat these diseases. I also want to educate and train young scientists, focusing on increasing the presence of underrepresented minorities within the biological sciences.

Current Appointments & Affiliations