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Clara Zhu

Masters of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts


Born in 2000 in Xi'an, China, Fangze obtained her LLB in International Studies and BA in Sociology from Peking University in 2023. She is an avid explorer, constantly challenging imposed norms. Since 2018, she has pursued snowboarding and cross country running. Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Fangze keenly felt the world's rapid changes and came to understand the paramount importance of cross-cultural communication and unity. This revelation led her to switch gears, transitioning from a literature researcher to a fieldwork recorder. In 2022, she documented the religious life of the country's largest Muslim community within a unique social setting; Additionally, she captured the struggles of an elderly woman sheltering 312 dogs and cats, courageously facing criticism and evolving policies.

Currently, Fangze is engrossed in projects concerning international developments, blending her diverse expertise to explore innovative approaches to documentary production and expression. Looking ahead, she envisions a life as a continuous adventurer, immersing herself in the lives of people from various lands and civilizations, while sharing her motherland's story with the world.