Felipe Alvarez de Toledo

Felipe Álvarez de Toledo is a Ph.D. candidate working with Professor Hans Van Miegroet in the Art, Art History & Visual Studies Department. He works at the intersection of art history and economics to study historical art markets from a data-driven lens. His dissertation focuses on the art market in Seville, Spain from 1500-1700.

Currently, he is using machine learning to develop the Art Markets of Seville Database. He is using Named-Entity Recognition to partially automate the data collection process, working from a collection of ~10,000 transcriptions, excerpts and summaries of archival documents that reflect the activities of painters, sculptors and other artisans in Seville from 1400-1850. They represent an enormous, if fragmentary, body of the evidence of these actors in the market. 

His interests include art markets, the transcontinental trade in paintings in the Early Modern Period, Early Modern Spain and Latin America, data-driven art-historical research and the digital humanities. 

Felipe received a bachelor's degree in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain, as well as extensive training in art history from the University of Barcelona.

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