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Hareth Yousef

Masters of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts


Born in Jerusalem in 1990, Hareth Yousef holds a bachelor’s degree from Birzeit University in journalism and media with a minor in sociology. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in photography from Columbia College, Chicago. Hareth has a passion for photography and studies its latest techniques as well as those of visual storytelling. He currently works full time at The Palestinian Museum in Birzeit as a Photographer / Audio -Visual Content Specialist, and teaches a photography class at Birzeit University. 

Hareth’s visual creation is a reflection of his family’s ongoing struggle in his country, Palestine. A transgenerational struggle perpetuated by an apartheid system and illegal envasions.  This has inspired his work on a documentary project that focuses and studies the changes in the landscape of the villages around Ramallah and the transformation of the villages that once depended solely on farming.

Through his visual creation, Hareth also seeks to capture scenes of Palestinian daily life and landscape and to illuminate its human experience, which is so often overlooked in international media narratives.