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Jessica Coleman


Dr. Coleman is postdoctoral fellow in the VA Quality Scholars program within the Durham Center of Innovation to ADAPT (Health Services Research & Development) at the Durham VA. She completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Duke University, advised by Dr. Rebecca Shelby. She completed her residency in Reproductive Psychology at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Medicine. Her clinical expertise is in mental health in the context of reproductive transitions and concerns (e.g., pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause, menstrual cycles), mindfulness and acceptance interventions, and treating trauma and stressor-related disorders. Her research interests center on the development, evaluation and implementation of psychosocial interventions to improve healthcare delivery and promote health equity. Specifically, her research focuses on 1) improving access to and quality of sexual and reproductive health care services, and 2) developing and implementing trauma-informed and gender-sensitive practices and interventions to address sequalae of interpersonal violence, discrimination and medical trauma.