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Research Interests

I specialize in researching the root causes and far-reaching implications of period poverty,  lack of access to essential menstrual products and a private, sanitary space for managing menstruation, affecting families and children in the United States. My work is dedicated to advancing the idea of a more comprehensive social safety net through strategic public policy initiatives. At present, I am conducting a survey on the attitudes of deservingness surrounding menstruators in the United States.

My professional journey has been enriched by years of hands-on experience in conducting research that directly informs policy decisions. This includes my tenure at the American University School of Public Affairs, the D.C. Office of the State Superintendent, and the National Diaper Bank Network. These experiences have honed my ability to examine complex social issues, propose practical solutions, and advocate for meaningful change that can improve the lives of those most in need.

Selected Grants

Understanding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on low-wage working families

ResearchGraduate Student · Awarded by Barnard College · 2021 - 2024