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I am a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies. My research interests lie at the intersection of critical disability studies, feminist/queer/trans studies, and memory studies. I am especially interested in employing feminist and queer theories, trans studies, and critical disability studies to theorize memory and topics in epistemology.

My most recent project is in feminist epistemology, concerning the epistemic shift that some of us experience when we are born into a new and more marginalized social identity (e.g., diasporic experiences, gender transitioning, acquiring disabilities). I ask how the fluidity in our social identities complicates theses of standpoint epistemology. In another project, I wrote about the hermeneutical dimension of oppressive double binds and a creative resistance strategy that minoritarian subjects perform called minoritarian world-making. My long-term interest is in constructing a non-ideal theory of memory that can account for the way that socio-political environments shape the way we remember and misremember, and a theory that conceptualizes "misremembering" not necessarily as a mishap or even a pathology, but as a site of potentiality and a practice of minoritarian resistance.

You are welcome to learn more about me or my research on my Personal Website.

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