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Pronouns: He/him

Leo Trotz-Liboff is a sixth-year PhD candidate in the department of Classical Studies. His research focuses on ancient philosophy and political thought. Leo’s dissertation "Esoteric Philosophy in Rome" represents the first full-length study dedicated to esoteric philosophy (the deliberate concealment of philosophic views) in Greco-Roman antiquity. Chapters on Lucretius, Cicero, and Plutarch develop an account of esoteric philosophy in Rome against the backdrop of Rome’s change from republic to empire. In September 2023 Leo began a Fulbright Germany research grant at the University of Bonn to complete his dissertation.

In addition, Leo's peer-reviewed articles on Epicureanism in Vergil's Georgics and Plato's theory of law and writing have appeared in The Classical Journal (118.4) and Polis: The Journal for Greek and Roman Political Thought (40.3) respectively. He also has a book-chapter forthcoming on Cicero's De oratore (with Jed W. Atkins). Leo is also interested in spoken Greek and Latin pedagogy. He received a BA in Classics from Middlebury College and an MSt in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature from the University of Oxford.

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